My Top 3 Dream Locations

February 24, 2017

As @piningfortravel on Instagram, whole new worlds opened up to me when I traveled down the hashtag hole (you know, like a rabbit hole?). Not your typical #coolphoto but more like #mytinyatlas or #iamatraveller. I’ve been exploring places I haven’t quite seen before. I have found a huge and diverse community of travelers out there, each with his or her different perspective. They all showcase beautiful places and helpful blog posts with tips and lists. I do love me some lists. Lists hold me accountable, and (while I know it’s not for everyone) it’s fun to chart out details for my dream locations. This way it’s not just a generic “go to this country” list. Instead, it has a purpose, and I can look back on it for inspiration!


Ever since a coworker of mine visited Peru and showed me everywhere he went, I have been dying to go. While it seems like Peru is widely known for Machu Picchu (as it should be since it’s an amazing archaeological site). Where to go when we visit Peru? Cusco and the nearby town of Urubamba where I’ve read that if you go outside the town, you can see the Milky Way with breathtaking clarity.

When you get out of town, the stars can be seen! Just like a dream.

When you get out of town, the stars can be seen!

Cusco itself is also a popular place to visit since it’s the launching point to Machu Picchu.

Cusco and the mountains that frame it.

Cusco and the mountains that frame it.

From there, we’d visit Aguas Caliente on the way to Machu Picchu. It’s a town at the temple’s base.

Machu Picchu
The stunning view of Machu Picchu.

The stunning view of Machu Picchu.

I’m not too good at the whole outdoors/camping thing, but this might one of those instances where I’d consider going on the 2 day-1 night trail. I mean just look at that photo, how could you not want to spend at least a day and a night there? But I might need one more camping experience before then so that a night on the trail to Machu Picchu isn’t the 2nd time I go camping in my entire life. (Sounds like a cool story though…) If anyone is interested, the link to getting entrance tickets can be found here.

After this, Lima’s next. That’s where we could stay in a nice resort and beach it up a little. I’m not a huge fan of sand (another courtesy of Vegas), but I think I’ll make an exception. Plus, as the country’s capital, Lima has a vibrant culture, and I’d love to check out the museums and architecture. For example, I really want to visit Museo Larco, which is housed in an 18th-century mansion that was built over a 7th-century pyramid. A mansion over a pyramid? That’s pretty epic! And as the send-off, Lake Titicaca is up. It’s the largest lake in South America and has a myriad of unique villages and towns that surround it. From the photos I have seen:

And as the send-off, Lake Titicaca is up. It’s the largest lake in South America and has a myriad of unique villages and towns that surround it. From the photos I have seen:

The beautiful expanse of South America's largest lake - Lake Titicaca!

The beautiful expanse of South America’s largest lake!

Lake Titicaca is a must see!


Deutschland! Eric’s half German, and we’d love to check out where his ancestors hail from. He still has extended family there in a small town called Wehdem. My family in Italy was overjoyed when we visited, and I’m sure his family would like to meet more of their kin.

Neuschwanstein Castle

The top of the list in my Germany book is the Neuschwanstein Castle. The question is, how does one visit this castle? It looks pretty remote. Based on my research, there are different tours that start in various cities. Munich looks to be the closest major city, and I’m seeing options for day tours from and the Neuschwanstein’s websites. This will be one of the first places we visit when we make it to Germany.

Fairytale castle, a must see in Germany!

Fairytale castle!

Black Forest

Eric really wants to visit The Black Forest. I’m intrigued just because of the name alone. There are little towns and villages that surround or exist within it, so there’s obviously a lot to see and eat I’m sure. There’s Baden Baden which is a famed spa destination and Freiburg im Breisgau which from the below photo looks to be charming and cute!

Small town vibe and gateway to the Black Forest.

Small town vibe and gateway to the Black Forest.


A land of fairytales and dreams, the photos of Norway are spectacular. I mean, all of the northern European countries are stunning but still, Norway… Every time I see a photo from there, I stare in awe (and envy). I really need to up my photography game. A great photo is absolutely inspiring. A great photo is a story.

Aurora Borealis

Dancing lights across the sky? Yes, that tells a story. It’s constantly changing and evolving, and it’s been happening for millions of years without humans to witness it and will continue to do so long after we’re gone.

Aurora Borealis in Norway - a dream to see!

Aurora Borealis – a dream to see!

Nordic Architecture

I’ve also read that Norway has become more popular in recent years due to the staggering success of the movie FROZEN.

A nordic cathedral that looks like it's from the movie FROZEN.

I can see where the creators of FROZEN got some inspiration!

While the Nords probably didn’t expect that, I’m sure they’re pretty excited for the extra tourism income! Honestly, I didn’t really care for FROZEN, so that’s not the draw for me. It’s the beauty of their landscapes and that much of their country appears undisturbed. Plus, with the snow, there are snow foxes. (Side note: I showed Eric the below photo and now he wants a snow fox AND a dog. I guess our tortoise will have to deal.)

Baby Nordic Snow Fox

Oh my god. I want to take this little guy home!

Fjord Tours

Coming from the desert, Fjords are obviously a foreign concept to me. There are several boat tour options to see the Norwegian fjords. On these tours we’ll get to see waterfalls, the coastline, the cliffs, and glaciers! And I have a profound love of glaciers.

So now that we have this written this list out for the world to see, hold us accountable, won’t you?

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