Starting Out

Jumping Feet First Into The Travel Ocean…

February 1, 2017

Hello blog world.

I’m Natalie, it’s nice to meet you!

First things first. Am I starting this blog for fun or am I starting this blog for money?

Honestly, I’d love to do both, is that an option? The more I read about “how to start a blog”, I find that you really need to understand the psychology behind of all of this. Why does someone start a blog? I want to offer the perspective of someone stuck at a desk job, but wishing to travel. We can’t just run off and travel the world so, what do I do? Read and learn about travel-type things.

As an avid reader of a many travel blogs, I’ve noticed that almost all of them are way past the point of beginners. Sure, they have tips on how to start, but I don’t often see their beginnings. Were they unsure or fumbling their way through how this all worked too? Personally, I think some bury their first posts out of horror of being caught as an amateur. Here, I’m going to embrace my inexperience like a stuffed dinosaur. (Read: not a big fan of teddy bears. #sorrynotsorry)

Personally, I enjoy reading how someone starts out and then watching them grow. My goal is to build this into something valuable and fun. I’d love this to be a successful and popular blog one day, but in the meantime, let’s enjoy the fun of watching me figure this all out. I’m going to post as much as I can about my learning process and the expletives that go along with it.

I’m constantly watching and various other blogs about flight sales and then I terrify my husband, Eric, with the thought that, despite our finances, I’m going to book a ticket and then ultimately realize I can’t due to our current state of financial affairs. And breathe… To help me through the mourning process, Eric thought if I’m going to obsess, maybe I should write about it. Then I can find solace that other people are in the same boat. And I’m probably going to spend a couple posts detailing what we’re doing to improve our financial state, because I honestly feel like there could always be more to say on personal finance.

Sure, I’d love to give up my 11 hour work days and travel the world. I definitely stalk blog posts that tell me how to do it, but we’re not in the best position for that right now. My goal is to try to find alternative methods of cash-flow and get to that point, but in the meantime, I’m enjoying the pictures, budgets and recommendations I find online.

So if you’re up for it, let me dazzle you with proposed budgets/itineraries or research into countries I’d love to visit. I’m really good at lists. I’m a Hollywood executive assistant, darn it. Let’s travel as far as the internet will allow and if someone wants me to do an itinerary for that dream destination – I’ll post it and we can all sit in awe of the possibilities! And perhaps a few of us can book it too!

P.S. Eric and I are going to the UK in September, so I’ll be researching that location and we can all enjoy it together. That’s the plan, Sam!

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